I am Mistress Felice, a beautiful, slim, enticing dominatrix who you shall learn to worship.

I enjoy developing ongoing relationships with my clients. Sharing a journey to explore, experience and embrace BDSM.


Whether you feel the bite of my cane, smooth sensual domination or humiliation, I guarantee a unique experience that we both will enjoy.


Be physically examined by my sounds, the depths of sensory play, or experience sissification at the hands of an expert


All sessions are tailored to personal limits and tolerances to ensure your needs are fulfilled.


I am available at Impact Therapies Glasgow Dungeon for regular sessions and to satisfy needy subs.


I have a soft sensual side and adore being worshipped and getting into deep sensory play sessions.


There are so many senses I can manipulate from hard to soft and back again.


I take great delight in watching a submissive's reaction from being tickled with a feather through to electro play.


I can take you to the heights of subspace and back again.


Leather and latex are also passions of mine and I have quite the boot collection.

Personalised Experience

When I describe myself as sadistic understand I truly love my work.


Taking you to your limits of torment and humiliation to reach your ultimate, inevitable, submission is a thrill that never leaves me.


But limits are always respected and you shall always be safe under my domain, be it at my feet and worshipping.


My sessions page has the mandatory list of the services I offer, and my hard limits, however each of my clients is an individual who I will explore.


Being honest and upfront about what you seek goes a long way to ensuring our time together is mutually pleasurable.


Do not be ashamed or afraid to state exactly what you want, I shall not be shocked.


Politeness and respect is everything. I tolerate zero abuse and expect you to be courteous, clean and respectful always.


Follow these simple guidelines and your time with me shall burn in your memory until you can visit me again.

07510 241398


Your New Owner Expects To Hear From You

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